Happy Birthday to Formula 1 Blog.com



Somehow I missed it but we are over two years old! So Happy Birthday to us on this British GP evening. I would like to personally thank Grace for her time, wisdom, grace, understanding, wit, patience and character. It would not be the same without her.

I would also like to thank all the people who have stopped by to participate in our discussions. We really set out to be a different kind of web page for F1 and without you; it wouldn’t have happened. Even if it’s happening on a slow time line and on a small scale. So we’re the Minardi of F1 web pages. So we’re the Spyker of F1 forums. So we’re the Super Aguri of technology-driven F1 Podcasts. Ok, get over it. You have to start somewhere. I don’t see any of you putting the time in and doing this on a much larger scale with million dollar budgets. Bite me! Happy Freakin’ birthday indeed!!!

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