Happy New Year!

From all of us at F1B…


Happy New Year!


Thank you for all your support and we look forward to the new year. Be safe and thanks again for all your do to make F1B The journal of Motor Sport Opinion.

New Year F1B


Let us know what your Motor Sport resolution is this year. Last year I was blessed to visit Ferrari in Maranello, not sure how I could possibly top that this year but I have a resolution or two just the same. One of those is getting Paul Charsley a ride in a GT series. That would be awesome! Getting SJ Skid back in the fold would be a good one too…he’s been a busy boy.

My biggest resolution is that I would like to grow F1B with more staff and more content for all of you. More features and more content that you’d like to see and share your thoughts with. I’d like to help new Formula 1 fans understand the sport in a more meaningful way and keep us veterans engaged and still believing even though F1 seems to have lost its marbles with of the regulation changes of late.

To those ends, we’ll be working very hard to bring you the very best we can and we are grateful, honored and humbled by your continued support. We truly mean that. Without you, F1B wouldn’t exist and the world would not have a safe harbor for new and veteran fans alike (nor would they have a place to be subjected to my egregious typos).

What are your New Year resolutions? Visit Spa? (one of my dreams). Visit Monza? Land a ride at Caterham because you have $20 million burning a whole in your pocket? See a F1 season that doesn’t involve Red Bull domination? Buy that USF1 nose cone on eBay and hang it on your wall? Maybe pour concrete in New Jersey in hopes of hosting a race there? Maybe you just simply want a better podcast and better content at F1B? Well, I agree with you there. I’ll try to help you out on that one.

For those of you who are contemplating your plan of world domination for 2014, I have a few quick tips:

  1. Get hired by Red Bull Racing as their third driver
  2. Position yourself as a worthy successor to Bernie Ecclestone
  3. Buy more Shell V-Power because it truly is the best fuel you can put in your car
  4. Wait before you buy a 4K TV because content isn’t delivered in that format yet and prices will come down
  5. Consider a phone that isn’t an iPhone because apparently the NSA can tap that sucker any time they like and I hear that Jean Todt can too!
  6. Go create an account on our Forum and chime in with Andy and friends, it’s a great place to make new friends and learn about the sport
  7. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook because it’s what all the hip kids are doing and you don’t even need a ‘stache-on-a-stick’ to do it
  8. Avoid hedonistic parties in Chelsea involving 5 or more women with ‘German-themed’ costumes
  9. Don’t fall for cheap parlor tricks like double points, sprinklers, shortcuts, DRS, HD tires or cilantro
  10. Check out our friends a motomatters.com, formulamoney.com, and Shell Motorsport


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