Happy New Year!

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It’s been an amazing year at FBC and most of that amazement is due to you…the FBC reader and FBC Podcast listener.

We head into 2016 with the highest of hopes and expectations and look forward to starting our 11th year covering Formula 1 and other racing series. We have a lot of plans for 2016 and time-willing, we’ll get to them.

We are very grateful for all your support and I would be remiss in not thanking all of the staff at FBC that make this all possible. I am truly grateful for each of them and the time and effort they give in making content for all to enjoy.

I started this Formula 1 blog ten years ago in 2005 with one purpose: To create a safe harbor for veteran and new fans alike. A place where decorum & civility rule and a podcast that represented two friends, having a beer and talking about the sport they love…Formula 1.

I big thank you to Bernie Ecclestone and everyone at Formula One Management and its related holding companies for tirelessly producing the world’s most advanced form of motorsport. Thank you too, FIA, for your help and for regulating the sport we love.

Thank you to Shell and Ferrari for their terrific partnership with FBC. Thank you for the opportunity to bring our readers/listeners unique and exclusive content and for helping us not only learn more about the sport but to see the sport in ways we never could before. To Pam and her entire staff as well as Ferrari and the entire team, we are truly grateful for your kind consideration.

Also, a huge thank you to all the professional F1 journalists who relentlessly cover the sport and provide the topics that we discuss and share. We are grateful for your hard work, passion and the content you create. We link every source and highly recommend all of your work to our readers and listeners and its because of your sacrifice that we have news and commentary to fuel our passion. Thank you to my friends at TalkSport Radio in London for their kind consideration and continued support.

Thank you to Bobby and the entire staff at COTA for all their help and for providing a home for F1 in the US. Thank you to Simraceway and Paul Charsley for their continued support.

Finally, thank you to my beautiful wife and daughters for their sacrifice and understanding as I spend way too much time authoring and recording for FBC. It’s all time away from my family and their patience with me is truly otherworldly.

THANK YOU and may 2016 be full of good health and prosperity for you all.


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Tom Firth

Happy New Year Todd & everyone else that makes FBC a great place to be :-)

Mike S

Happy 2016 FBC! Todd’s the best, and its not just his effort that makes this happen, its his gifting, so thank you on behalf of USA F1 fans! We wish health and happiness for you and your family, and the FBC servers. We wish Mark a Worldphone to hear his thoughts more, we wish Grace a pool since a certain boy has extra time now, and we wish for Paul hungry, untrained, and inexperienced students who wish to learn racecraft at a Sonoma class with him….but enough about Carmen and Pastor.

jiji the cat

I thank your wife and daughters too. I’ve heard your podcasts for about 9 years now, and occasionally post.

Negative Camber

You’ve been a great friend of the site for many years my friend, thanks for the support. :)


I’m not too sure about the new staff uniform, I don’t think a dirndl suits a balding, bearded middle aged man.

I’m all for expanding the readership of FBC, but that may be a specific niche market :-)

Happy New Year.

Paul KieferJr

Happy New Year from over here in Austin. :-D


I’ve only been listening for a few years but enjoy every second. Thank you for all you do. Have a great holiday and carry it through the year. For anyone visiting the Portland, OR area, give me a shout if you’d like some F1 chat.


Happy new year to everyone at fbc. I have been a listener and occasional poster since 2011, (used to post as Julian), even won a couple of potw awards, met Paul a few times up at Sonoma.
As a Brit here in the USA, I really appreciate this podcast, site, and community.
PS, did you notice west ham are currently 6th in the premier league, hope Paul’s enjoying it!

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