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I would be interested in your comments regarding a very well thought-out article at Pitpass about the strength and position the teams currently have with regards to F1. It’s a longer article but I think you will really enjoy it and it will most likely prompt some opinion. Pitpass, as usual, does a great job of looking under the sheets of F1 and seeing the naughty bits and here is the proof. Chris has extrapolated a notion, by abacus or calculator, using recently release financial information about the debt structure of DVD and Ecclestone and devised a way he thinks the teams can ride rough shod over the FIA and Ecclestone.

It’s no secret that I have been very supportive of FOTA because I think the longevity of F1 is far beyond Mr. Ecclestone and Mr. Mosley. I fear they are losing some relevance in the difficult eeconomy and recent judgments and ruling by both have many F1 fans, teams and sponsors wondering if either of them have passed their sell-by-date. I have assumed the teams, through FOTA, have a real opportunity to jettison both Mosley and Ecclestone through pressure and demands but Chris was far more intelligent than I; he actually did some math and shows that bankruptcy is a key point in this theory of F1 revolution. Of course the FIA and FOTA give the age old favorite anagram: Fiat Oaf. Might be something to that.

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