Haug hints heads could start rolling. Surely not … Michael’s?

It sounds like the occasional podium finish combined with their other driver smacking people into walls and illegally passing folks under cautions isn’t good enough for Mercedes.

It’s time to start winning — or else!

Here’s Norbert Haug: “We hope to return to success. However, if we fail to achieve the goals we have set, we may have to change some people.”

That quote comes originally from Autosprint magazine, where it’s in Italian. The BBC mentions it here.

OK. So, let the thinking begin.

Nico Rosberg has to be save, right? He’s seventh in the drivers championship, ahead of surprise driver of the year Robert Kubica. He’s consistently outperformed his team mate. By all accounts he’s a great team member.

Now, give me a second to go check on who the other Merc driver is. I can’t for the life of me remember. I know it’s not Adrian Sutil or the other Nico, Mr. Hulkenberg.

[tick tick tick]

Oh, right! That old German. Michael Schumacher. Hmm. The picture looks a little dirtier. Ninth in the championship, which doesn’t sound so bad but he’s the first guy after a huge drop in points (Rosberg has 94, Kubica has 89 and then Schumacher has 38. Sutil is right there at 35.)

Wow, sure seems like that head cold roll, huh?

Well, let’s fantasize for a second and pretend Schumacher is untouchable. Are there other names that come to mind that might not be long for the Mercedes world?

We know it won’t be Nick Heidfeld. He’s already taken the fall, right?

Ross Brawn? Getting warmer…

Oh! Here’s one: Nick Fry. That seems like someone the team could do without.

Or, do you think Norbert is trying to build the Fear in some of the engineers and technicians we haven’t heard of? Who’s the target of his comments? Big fish or a bunch of minnows?

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