Haug points out Crayon-box logic

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So this may come as a bit of a surprise to you but White on Black is easier to see than Green on Black. This according to Norbert Haug of Mercedes. Now before we castigate the Husky Haug, let us recall that Bridgestone apparently hasn’t completely understood contrast and how white and black are very contrasting colors. No green and black seem to be the optimum color choice for visual clarity. Since the creation of light and dark we’ve kind of had a hunch that this contrast was really good for visual discernment between the two but for some reason Bridgestone didn’t get the memo.

Rather, they got it but they too are “green”. See the stripes? We’re “green” damn it! oddly, Norbert Haug had to remind them to check their crayon box for contrasting combinations. This combination can be found int he 8 count box so they shouldn’t get boggled by the 120 count box with built-in sharpener. Sheesh.

“Perhaps the contrast of white on black is better than green on black,” Mercedes’ Haug admitted to motorsport-total.com. “It is something to think about,” he added.

~source GMM


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