Haug: Red Bull’s ‘nightmare’


If you put yourself in Christian Horner’s position, you have to admit that this is a fairly difficult time for the young team boss. The media scrutiny, fans pressure, team pressure, driver pressure et. al. has been relatively intense over the last week.

You could argue that the wounds and challenges that Horner is facing are self inflicted but they are what they are–difficult. They are also not new to F1. AUTOSPORT caught up with Mercedes Motorsport boss Norbert Haug who fully understands the challenges Red Bull are facing now:

“If it happens in fifth and sixth, it is different from if it happens when you are first and second,” Haug told AUTOSPORT.

“I think a collision – we one time had it with David [Coulthard] and Mika [Hakkinen] spinning at the A1-Ring – but not a crash like that one. “It is a nightmare. It is what you do not want to happen.”

Red Bull have offered an open letter to fans as well as a press release today announcing that the drivers have met, buried the hatchet and are looking forward to Canada. That’s about all you can do as the need to address conspiracy is not a pressing element. Conspiracy will thrive in the minds of those prone to it but the team would do well to avoid engaging the conspiracies at it only legitimizes the accusations.

Most importantly is to keep the temperature cool within Red Bull. The drivers, the employees, the sponsors et. al. Then you need to reach out to the fans who support your efforts and there are many ways to do this. The ‘open letter’ was a start but if it were me, I would work this into a Red Bull opportunity/contest for the fans. You have to add levity to this situation in order to release the pressure and keep the temperature cool.

Who wouldn’t buy a few cans of Red Bull to win a ride with Mark Webber as another fan rides with Sebastian Vettel as they attempt to over take Webber while driving Renault Clio’s around Silverstone? That’s what I would do but then I’m not Christian Horner or Norbert Haug and in some ways, I’m thankful for that.

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