Haug: Schumacher should get F60 test

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Mercedes boss, the husky Norbert Haug, says Michael Schumacher should get a test in the 2009 F60. Ferrari has asked for dispensation on the in-season testing ban and Haug feels that should allowed.

“Whatever we can do to support him we will do,” Haug told AUTOSPORT. “I just think it is fair. This is an exception. If Michael had said he would come back under the condition that he could test, everybody would have said yes.

“His team-mate has thousands of kilometres in this car, and he has nothing. As we are fair players, why should he not get some testing? I would be very open to that.

But what of the double standard? young Jaime Alguersuari was not allowed to test prior t taking over for Sebastien Bourdais at Toro Rosso.

“Maybe even a newcomer should get a test,” said Haug. “If I would be asked to make an exception for a young guy, I would say yes.

“Giving Jaime a test would have been justifiable, but having said that I don’t think there was an official request.”

The biggest criticism so far is the double standard issue raised about Schumacher testing when others can’t. The rising chorus of “Red Rule” fouls have been flying.

Fair enough but one might look at the entire test ban as a whole and realize that it does present real problems for teams that make in-season changes or have injured drivers. What’s the solution? Leave your comments below:


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