Head: Williams needs established drivers

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Williams F1’s Patrick Head says he would like to see two experienced drivers at the struggling team. Last week Nico Rosberg suggested that he is keeping his options open for next year but he would like to be in a race-winning car (one presumes that mean just about anything at this point). Nico’s potential exit would leave room for a driver who is established and can help develop the car. Nothing against Kazuki but Williams needs o find its soul because it was misplaced a decade ago and could be lingering around in the utility closet or in the bottom of the brake pad bin.

How best to find that soul? Young talent like third-driver Nico Hulkenberg? Or do you find experienced drivers like Nick Heidfeld, Fisi or rubens who all may be looking for a ride soon? According to Sir Frnak, letting Nick Heidfeld go was a big mistake for the team due to his development skills. At any rate, there is that Senna kid out there and Nico H. seems to be talented enough and familiar with the team. My two cents? Get Nick and Nico H. if Noco R. jumps ship.


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