Heidfeld after title, not first win

Nick Heidfeld
Nick Heidfeld says he is not obsessed with getting his first win after 153 Grands Prix contested. No, he is looking for the title this year and with Dr. Mario Theissen’s plan of attack in Formula 1; he may just have a chance. The BMW squad has accomplished each goal it set for its current run in F1. For 2009 the team has set its sights on the title and Nick figures if the car is competitive, he can do it.

I tend to agree with Nick because I think he is one of the better drivers on the grid. While being castigated by everyone but nick’s fan club members, I still hold to my assertion that in the right car Nick could be challenging all of them for the title. GMM have quoted Nick as saying:

“I don’t constantly think about clinching my maiden win,” the German said, insisting his only real chance of race victory was when he finished second to Kubica in Canada last year.

“After all, it’s my goal to win the title and not just a race,” he added.

Heidfeld said he is convinced that if the car is a winner, “I can make it”.

Team boss Mario Theissen admitted last month that BMW’s final target – to fight for the titles in 2009 – is set to be the “most difficult” since the German marque bought Sauber three seasons ago.

But Heidfeld said BMW’s “major improvements” of 2008 means the team this year “won’t have to make such a big step forward”

Now I don’t think Nick suffers from delusions of grandeur but imagine a BMW car as fast and competitive as a Ferrari or McLaren. If that happens, there is every reason to believe that Nick or Robert could take the title. Question is…will it be?

We said this before but Dr. Mario has hit every target set for the team. The last target? The title for 2009. We’ll see.

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