Heidfeld Backs BMW’s Big Step

Nick Heidfeld has supported BMW’s radical move toward this years car.

Nick, as many of us have discussed, is confident that BMW made the right decision by attempting some radical changes to their car for 2008. If a team has any chance of being at the top, you have to make some aggressive moves to get there. I am sure McLaren learned a lot from their failed contender a few years ago that never made it tot he grid. It was too radical. But BMW have systematically marched toward the top and I think they are doing exactly what is needed. Nick said:

“We had some problems early on with this car but now we are progressing quickly,” said Heidfeld.

“But if you don’t try and make these big steps then there is no chance to win – and we want to win, so we have to make these big steps, even if we don’t exactly get the results.

“If you don’t try big things to close a gap that was relatively big last year – McLaren and Ferrari were half a second, and in F1 half a second is a lot – you don’t find it with a little bit here or there, you need a big step.”

“The team, my and our target is to win a grand prix this year and to get closer to the top two teams. But until we are at the first races we won’t really know. My target is always the same, to do the best I can, always keep improving, make no mistakes and maximise the potential of the car.

“If the car is a disaster and you finish it might be a great result so you cannot be disappointed. On the opposite if the car is great and you finish second it might be a disappointment.”

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