Heidfeld penalized

Nick Heidfeld has been penalized 3 grid positions for blocking at the Grand Prix of Singapore.Also, Rubens Barrichello has been fined 10,000 Euros because he failed to use the deceleration zone while entering the pits.

Let me get this straight; Nick was in the deceleration zone entering the pits which happens to be in the way of the racing line and when Rubens came up on Nick, it blocked his hot lap. Rubens, knowing his lap was scuppered, dove into the pits right behind Nick frustrated that he had been blocked on his hot lap and then got a penalty for not being in the deceleration zone before entering the pits which is exactly what Nick was doing but got penalized for doing so? Nick uses the deceleration zone and gets hammered and Rubens, having a spoiled hot lap due to Nick following the rules, chose to abort the lap and gets fined for doing so?

Does this strike anyone as exposing an issue with the location of the deceleration zone and pit entrance? I think it says more about that than it does about Nicks blocking and Rubens avoidance of the deceleration zone. I say 25-second penalties for both of them and an appeal to be heard just prior to Japan. Sheesh.

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