Heikki is back!

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I was having a case of mind vomit the other day and tweeted how much I missed seeing Heikki Kovalainen in Formula One and several people responded to me saying much the same thing. Well our sorrow is short-lived as the Finn is now back at Caterham F1 as a reserve driver and key person in their car development. Both things signal good noise from the struggling team. Team boss Cyril Abiteboul said:

“We are delighted to welcome him back into the team,” said Cyril. “He has six years of F1 experience behind him so he is perfectly placed to provide us objective feedback on the various types of configurations we will run and to give us an objective view of the 2013 tyres against his experience with the 2012 compounds.

“Having invested in Heikki for our first three years of competition it would be a waste not to leverage the valuable expertise he brings.”

Heikki may not have had the cash that Giedo van der Garde had but he certainly has the skills that, perhaps, the young Dutchman doesn’t and you have to wonder if Kovalainen’s resurfacing at the team is a preemptive move should Giedo continue struggling in the next race or two? Contracts are contracts and simply sitting Van der Garde down may not be an option but contracts can also have performance clauses in them and you never know what Caterham is willing to do to protect it’s run for 10th place in the Constructor’s Championship and $11 million.


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