Here’s fuel for the Kimi to F1 fire — from Kimi

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Kimi Raikkonen’s official website has an article up with a very straight-forward title: “Article on potential F1 comeback for Kimi.”

Go on…

The reprinted Turn Sanomat — Finland’s third-largest daily paper — story basically is a bunch of short Q&As with Formula 1 personalities — drivers, owners, etc. — on the topic of Kimi’s possible return.

I’d share highlights, but Kimi’s website doesn’t allow for copying. (Change that!) Go here to look and then come back to discuss.

Highlights for me?

  • Nick Heidfeld saying that a single year out of the sport won’t be as difficult to rebound from as the three-year hiatus has been for Michael Schumacher. Maybe true, but for sure “ouch.”
  • Jenson Button saying that Kimi didn’t seem to like the sport much last year so he doesn’t expect him back.
  • Button and Chris Dyer both talking about how much Kimi seems to love rallying.
  • Felipe Massa on Kimi: “Only Kimi himself knows what Kimi wants.” Seems like Felipe was paying attention while the two were at Ferrari together.
  • Nico Rosberg, always the pragmatist, figures the lower pay Kimi can expect might not be a big inducement.
  • Red Bull’s drivers are divided (who’s surprised?), with Mark Webber saying Kimi’s moved on to rallying and Sebastian Vettel wanting Kimi back. (Did you hear that Mark?)
  • You’ll have to read what Kimi’s doctor has to say for yourself. (Hint: Subtle jab at Schumacher!)

So… thoughts? When Kimi first went to WRC, I suggested that, freed of the yoke of F1, he should use his website to really promote himself and his, shall we say, special personality. He hasn’t done that, which makes this post fairly unusual. That speaks volumes to me. I’m just not sure if it says, “Oh, yeah, I’m serious about coming back” or “Red Bull and Citroen, you better fork over some more cash to keep me.”


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