Here’s how you solve F1’s qualifying confusion

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Long-time reader and FBC community member Peter Riva posted a video on my FB wall of a Bugatti changing color and I told Peter that F1 should use this for liveries and more.

Then Peter had a  great idea…confused over new qualifying system? Just use this changing color system and it is solved.

Here’s how it would work. When you are one of the cars that has been knocked out, every 90 seconds, your car turns to a “knocked out” color…say neon green. That way, visually, F1 fans at home can see who’s still in and who’s out. You could even run different shades depending if they are near the knockout zone etc. Think of the possibilities for F1 to use visual cues to help F1 fans at home understand what’s going on.

Great idea Peter!


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Richard Bunce

I like it… Indy Cars have a display on the sides of the air inlet that shows their position in the race and then times their pit stops? I figure soon the whole surface of the body will be active displays for advertising, status, driver messages to fans and other drivers (twitter and facebook)…


LED signs show class position at IMSA races (e.g. Daytona and Sebring). It works OK at twilight/night, if you can mentally sort out the positions of a pack of cars in different classes zipping by at 150 MPH.

But I do think the signs might be helpful for the new qualifying format, and of course there’s only one class to worry about.

Paul KieferJr

That’ll make things easy to see.

Cool idea. Somehow, I see F1 taking this idea and using it like the cuttlefish do when a fast car is lapping a slower one.


Ehh…. oO I think that just added more to my confusion. Well tbh, this is practically applicable right now thanks to the digital technologies. There’s been digital ads on the tracks that are not physically there for ages now. Tho you could just color the name on the screen in the tables rather than the car, cause honestly if you’re just a casual F1 fan and do not know the cars and teams you’ll get lost quite easily. If you’re looking for a blue RB, and there’s suddenly this grey-ish or red-ish car on your screen you’ll be like: “WTH… Read more »

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