Here’s what Haas F1 think after day 1 of testing

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain Monday 22 February 2016. World Copyright: Alastair Staley/LAT Photographic ref: Digital Image _R6T7109

After a physical unveil of the VF-16 at 7:50 a.m. CET, Haas F1 Team hit the track for its first official test at 10 a.m. sharp with Romain Grosjean at the wheel. The Ferrari 061 turbo V-6 ran flawlessly, providing a valuable reconnaissance lap for the team to check all the car’s systems.

Twelve laps were made prior to the lunch break, and on the sixth lap, Grosjean recorded his fastest lap of the day (1:28.399). The remainder of the morning was hampered by a front wing failure. The team diagnosed the issue and a new wing was reengineered for the afternoon.

Grosjean made three five-lap runs, the last one coming with 24 minutes remaining in the session. When the clock struck 6 p.m. and the track went cold, Grosjean was credited with 31 laps, all on the Pirelli P Zero White medium.

Romain Grosjean

“It was a pretty exciting day. The morning went very well until we had a small front wing failure. It compromised our afternoon a little, but it was good that we could put some laps on the car later. We don’t have any big problems. I’m very happy with the first day. It’s been a really good start for the team. It’s been a positive day. Of course, you always want more and more, but I think the most important thing is that I’m happy with the car. The first impression is really good. The car balance is there straight away.”

Guenther Steiner

“We had a good start to the day and then we had a problem with the front wing. Obviously, we had to stop and evaluate the problem and find a solution. We found an interim solution, but we will have to find a solution by tomorrow morning. We got out running again and got a lot of data. It would have been nice to run more, but we still got some laps under our belt and we look forward to tomorrow.”

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Tim C

It would have been great if they could have logged the miles that Merc did, but 31 laps right out of the box on day 1 is a fantastic start for this new team. We know the power unit is good, so if they can get the front wing issue resolved, I’d expect a lot more laps on day 2 of testing. I must say I’m excited by what we’ve seen so far.

Decatur Spartan

31 laps is about 30 more then McLaren did last year.


The fact that the balance was good in its first run is a huge bonus for the team. It means they can focus on incremental improvements rather than wholesale redesigns.

Patrick Chapman

The morning went very well until we had a small front wing failure. A small failure he said, The bloody thing fell off pal or did you not notice that? We don’t have any big problems. said Grosjean. Sure, It’s a small problem when you lose all the aerodynamic downforce on the front of the car just before the first corner when you are traveling flat out hey. Nothing to worry about. But remember, you are driving for the most amazing team in the history of F1. Not only can they diagnose the fault with the front wing, they can… Read more »


Grosjean’s comments reminded me of those made by the last driver to have a front wing failure on the opening day of testing:

I recall that team had a redesigned wing ready for the next day. I don’t think Haas is unique in that ability.

Patrick Chapman

Well MIE if you believe that garbage then thats OK then. But how about the FACT that they simply take a spare wing and add some carbon fiibre to strengthen it and a lick of paint to disguise the fact that their engineering design staff screwed up and they did a lousy job with their static load test? That is of course assuming they even tested it but more likely relied on the calculations. It’s a good job that we don’t behave like that in the aerospace industry.


Do you need a hug?

Patrick Chapman

That’s nice that you are so in touch with your feminine side but you are missing the big picture here. At the speeds that these drivers travel at, a failure of this nature costs lives and a hug doesn’t fix that.

Negative Camber

You do seem slightly angry, not sure why but yes, losing a front wing is a big deal. So much so they had to air-freight one in just for Tuesday so your point is taken but not sure we need to turn back-slapping into face punching over it here. Everyone take a deep breath and admit Patrick has a point but just know that in the scope of testing and F1 car design, it’s not the “screw it, we quit” moment for any team. It is a design element that will stop a race and needs to be addressed, that’s… Read more »

The Captain

Yes only those god damn yanks have ever had a wing failure. How dare they come into F1.

Andreas Möller

“…we had a small front wing failure.”

In other words, “it’s just a fleshwound” :-)

Decatur Spartan

Tis but a scratch.

Paul KieferJr

“A scratch!? Your wing’s off!”


Wow. I never realized that scene actually a satirical commentary on the conflict between fans and the Overtaking Working Group…

“None shall pass!”


well was it a manufacturing defect or a design problem. or both?
Did they only have one backup wing?

Andreas Möller

Obviously, I don’t know exactly what happened, but my first guess would be that they simply made the connection points between the uprights and the wing plane a tad too small. It’s not the first time a team has tried to make those connection points as small as possible, and gone slightly too far with it. I suspect the factory already has an older wing with a more sturdy design (that was put aside for the slimmer one), ready to be overnighted to France.


Some clarity has emerged, full story here Explaining the situation, Haas said: “The problem from yesterday is given the wing had a fair amount of downforce on it, it pulled out the attachment structure on the nose. “Some aluminium and carbon fibre are integrated, and the theory is, when the aluminium heated up, then cooled down again, it pulled away from the carbon fibre, so it had some weakness there. “On the track, with the downforce and the vibrations, that bond was not proper, it separated, and the aluminium just pulled out from the nose, which then let the… Read more »