He’s No. 2: Alonso earnings pegged at $40 million


The latest in those (depending on your perspective sketchy) lists of the world’s richest athletes is about to come out, and the ESPN version plunks Fernando Alonso down as the world’s highest-earning driver.

His salary? A cool $40 million. That puts him behind just one guy — boxer Manny Pacquiao — on the list and ahead of some other dudes by the name of Alex Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant. Of course, A-Rod and the Black Mamba’s contracts are likely a little longer term.

Still, not bad for Alonso. The numbers, I’d note (or assume from the wording) only involve direct salary and not other endorsement deals.

Wayne Rooney tops the soccer/football list at $20.8 million. Charles Johnson tops the football/American football list at $34 million.

Other little fun facts. You can net $700,000 fishing. You can pocket $160,000 at pool. (Note: Color of Money type bets not included.) If you’re the world’s best female tennis player, you can earn 10 times the world’s best surfer (who may also be the world’s best athlete going on two decades now, for those who care about such things).

And, last one: Grace makes approximately what the top rodeo star does, at least pre-GSA scandal. She may now be closer to the best sled dog racer.

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