Hey, Verstappen doubters! You’re STUPID!

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If you thought hiring a 17-year-old as your driver in Formula 1 was a concern, then there is every possibility that you are…wait for it…STUPID! Yep, apparently now you see that those concerns were wrong given Max Verstappen’s performance in the first two grands prix.

If, after two races, you still aren’t convinced, well there is no telling what you are in the eyes of team boss Franz Tost who said:

“I said this in October and November when all the people criticised: he will answer them on the racetrack because the answer on the racetrack means stupid people can understand.”

Max and teammate Carlos Sainz have done a terrific job so far this season but I will say that those who feel 17 is simply a little too young to be in F1, then I would suggest that two races does not a season make and ther eis ample time to vet Verstappen’s ability to cope with F1 in all its machinations.

If he manages to get through the season and you’re still not convinced, you may be bordering on deliberately being an obtuse dork or merely an even higher case of stupid.

Here’s a top tip: When addressing folks who aren’t seeing things as you do, it’s generally best not to call them stupid rather make your case and let them either agree or disagree. Especially when the people you are calling stupid happen to be customers.

I think Max has done brilliantly but Sainz has done no less. however there are a few years between the as Carlos is 20-years-old. That says a lot for Max but it also bears keeping in mind that his father is a F1 driver who has mentored him his entire life. That does make this particular 17-year-old cut from a different cloth.

I can’t say I was too worked up over the issue as I reckoned we’d see how it worked out given Max’s pedigree. So far, he’s done well and actually the only people he m=could be making look stupid is Red Bull as he beat both Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat last weekend.



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Paul KieferJr

[Looks at Verstappne]….[Looks at Tiger Woods]…..hmmmm….same trajectory? The similarities are rather striking.


Pretty soon Max will have women chasing him with golf clubs.


Verstappen’s fine. Right now my classification for young drivers has two categories:
1.) Those who have run into Raikkonen…..twice 2.) Those who haven’t.


My discomfort with Max was not his ability but the responsibility a much older sport should have over someone so young. He is not old enough to drink and we can not let him by law as he is a minor but we let him get in a 200mph car. If max died on track at the next race through no fault of his own who is going to look his mum in the eye? That is why letting a 17 year old in the car is a risk. Only at 18 will he be considered an adult and therefore… Read more »

Tom Firth

It’s very wrong to say people are stupid regarding Verstappen. He’s quick, I don’t think anyone doubted that from his F3 year, he was incredibly quick from day one.

But he is young, and very inexperienced compared to other F1 “Rookies” and I get why some people are still cautious of that. He’s impressed but will come a point when he makes a mistake, like he did at Imola in F3, and then we get to really see how ready he is at recovering from those errors.


This reminds me of the haters of JB when he got the Williams slot. To everyone I say, forget the age…focus on the talent. Max has proven to mature enough to take the fight where need be, and not get in trouble afterwards. Dad taught him well….give him a good contract if this keeps.

Paul KieferJr

I can’t forget the age. By law, I am REQUIRED to think about the age. By good morals, I CANNOT HELP but think about the age. My good conscience REQUIRES me to think about the age. If he were my son (yes, I know, he’s not, but bear with me here), I would have ulcers worrying about him at his age. Is he talented? Absolutely; but talent is nothing without skill, training, experience and maturity. Regardless of who he is, I will worry. My conscience gives me no choice. If I didn’t worry, y’all would think I was a sick… Read more »


i don’t think it’s as much of how young he is, as it is how much easier the cars are to drive. could a 17 year old be competitive back in the 70’s or 80’s? i’m happy for him if he’s happy… i would have love to have been a 17 year old F1 driver in 1987…


Oh yeah?! Well you’re a…you’re a ummm doody head!


Paul KieferJr

Heck, there were a lot of things I would have wanted to do at age 12. Doesn’t mean I get to do them, though, but I can dream.

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