Hey Vitantonio. Go with ‘F1B’ when asked about what you read

Force India driver Vitantonio Liuzzi is the latest driver to have to fulfill his contractual obligation to sit down with the official Formula 1 site for its ongoing “The Secret Life of …” series.

Did he say anything worthwhile? You be the judge:

Q: Which film last made you cry?
VL: There sure was one but I cannot remember the name. It was definitely not a romantic movie. I am not into that kind of stuff.

Q: What are you afraid of?
VL: Nothing, though I don’t like snakes, and all those little crawling animals with many legs.

What’s he mean? Dogs? Cats? Squirrels? I hate it when squirrels crawl around. Spooky!

Also, doesn’t that film have to “Life is Beautiful” with Roberto Benigni? Or “Grand Prix,” maybe?

Q: What was the last book you read?
VL: Autosport. I am not really into reading.

Would it have killed you to say, “Formula(spelled out)(the number)1blog.com”?

Q: Name five things that you hate?
VL: Oversteer, the F-duct, Chinese food, wasabi, untruthful people.

OK, actually that might be the best answer yet in this whole series. And, I just re-checked. Yes, Tonio DNFd China due to an accident on the first lap. That’s the truth!

Q: Have you ever – or would you ever – dye your hair?
VL: Yes, when I was a kid. When I was 17 or 18 I was quite wild and I went from yellow to green to black – the whole colour palette.

Q: What was the first CD that you bought?
VL: It must have been something by Michael Jackson.

I wonder what color his hair was then. And, have noticed, a lot of drivers say “Michael Jackson” in response to the question about first CD. I wish one of them would answer, “UBS” or “Bank of Monaco” or something.

Q: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
VL: I have a tattoo on my left leg and have had piercings in the past- on my eyebrow and my upper ear – but they are gone now. When you grow up you want to have a different image, that’s why they had to go.

Q: What did your teachers say about you in your school reports?
VL: He was a really good boy – not the most talented, but well brought up.

Q: Who were your childhood heroes?
VL: Nigel Mansell and Maradonna.

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
VL: No, not really. I am quite a rigid person. The shopping sprees are a thing of the past.

This series of answers seems to be all over the map. Pierced good boy who was well brought up. Hmmm… OK.

Q: What was your first vehicle?
VL: I was always passionate about cars from the time I started kart racing. And from the first money I made there I bought a Mercedes SLK 200. That was quite a big thing for me at that time. Unfortunately I crashed it after six months, so the pleasure was rather a short one.

That’s actually longer than he’s had an intact F1 car by about five months and 27 days.

There’s more at the F1 site, but I’m worried it will put me to sleep.

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