‘Hi Rubens? It’s Michael. Umm…. sorry.’

OK, it didn’t quite go down like that… you wish.

No, no, no. While Michael Schumacher has apologized to ex-whippingboy team mate Rubens Barrichello, he didn’t even do the manly thing and come up to him personally or even call.

He said sorry via text message.

So there’s item one to discuss.

Now on to Michael’s explanation for the text:

“There were two reasons I sent the text. One of the main reasons is that it is his 300th Grand Prix and we have quite a lot of history together so I thought it was appropriate to congratulate him,” said Schumacher.

“[The second reason was to] clarify the point because he sort of felt that I wanted to push him against the wall and very clearly this was not my ambition.

“I wanted to race very tightly but without any contact. [I wanted to] clarify that if he felt that this was the case then I was sorry for that.”

Ah… the wonderful, and now omni-present “apology.” I want to be clear. Michael Schumacher is not, he’s not saying he’s sorry for nearly slamming Rubens into the wall. He’s saying he’s sorry that Rubens felt he (Michael) was trying to push him into the wall.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one good reason to root against Michael Schumacher this weekend.

Sorry… he’s struck a nerve with me, and I’m happy to hear other people’s thoughts about the explanation for the apology. But I’m incredibly sick of people only apologizing — after doing things way worse than Michael’s somewhat borderline “racing incident” — because other people felt a certain way about, i.e. were offended, were hurt, were upset.

No one takes responsibly for their actions. They are never sorry for what they did. They are just “sorry” that they were misunderstood. And that’s basically what Michael is saying. He’s sorry that Rubens apparently thought he was trying to smash him into a wall.

That’s lame, Michael. Like your wardrobe.

OK, I’m off my high horse. Sorry. Maybe I’ve had too much Red Bull combined with coffee. I’ll go find a sweat lodge to relax in. (Did that really come up on a podcast, by the way? I’m still waaaayyyyy behind.)

Here’s Rubens’ response:

“I received a message from him today [Thursday], an SMS,” said Barrichello.

“Somebody said to him that I was under the impression he had pushed me on to the wall, and he said it wasn’t the case and he apologised for that.

“I just said ‘thank you, no problem’. I accepted it, wished him a good weekend, life goes on.”

OK, folks. Have at it. Should Michael have even apologized? Did he apologize enough? What do you think of Rubens’ response? And will you be watching extra closely any time they are near each other on the track this weekend?

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