High-speed welcome wagon?


Autosport reports that the Turkish GP is on target according to the Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie says:

“The reason for that is we didn’t come here for the money. Quite the opposite, we came here to embrace Turkey into Europe. And I think we can do that as well as anybody.”
Turkey considers the event a showcase for tourism, as well as other efforts to bring major international sporting events to the city.
The Muslim country is due to start European Union membership talks in October, but opinion polls show that most Europeans oppose the entry of such a populous, poor nation straddling Europe and Asia. “

With the advent of the Russian GP on the horizon, the Turkish GP, China, Sepang and Bahrain; is there a recurring theme to Mr. Ecclestone’s penchant for using F1 as a political tool to embrace Muslim, communist and hereditary monarchies? Is F1 in a better position than governments to usher or embrace the EU welcome wagon effect? Is F1 above the politics of current events and really here to bridge cultures and nations? Or is it playing to the more nefarious players in this global struggle because it’s kitschy and controversial? Is the North Korean GP too far from a reality?

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