Hill: British GP down to ‘crucial details’

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Damon Hill

Damon Hill has clarified earlier reports this week that the British GP deal was signed and sealed. Speaking witht he BBC, Hill said they are close but nothing is signed yet:

“It would be almost inconceivable for there not to be a British Grand Prix next year,” Hill said on Thursday, “but until it is signed, there is always the possibility that will be the case.”

“It’s not done until it’s done, and until it’s done to our satisfaction, it won’t be signed.

“There has been an intensive period of negotiation about the fine detail, which we’re hopeful will get us to the point of being able to sign a contract – but nothing has been signed yet.”

“We’re down to the finer points, but they are crucial points,” Hill says. “The small details are important details – it’s to do with the liability that is undertaken and whether it’s acceptable.

“It’s potentially very serious and that’s why it’s important to get it resolved.”

According the BBC, the reason the deal has not been signed yet is hovering around the amount of financial risk the BRDC are willing to take. Placing the company at risk just for a grand prix is not something they are willing to do. A lesson Simon Gillett of Donington Park may have learned all too well.

Here is hoping the BRDC can wrangle some claw-rights and relinquish some of that risk back to the CVC in order to get this race on the schedule. It’s not just a good idea to have a race in Britain, it is damn near required and certainly essential that the race is held there.


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