HRT passes another mark, plus Trulli’s favorite musician is whom?

The Hispania Racing F1 Team completed the first day of testing at Sepang without any mechanical problems, a milestone of reliability that wouldn’t be big news for any other team.

But HRT only has been around a month.

Now, granted, the team’s drivers — Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok — were at the back of the time sheets for both free practice 1 and 2, but unlike Red Bull, they ran through the whole session.

While the weather and conditions may not be at all similar to what happens during the race, which is expected to be wet and wild, for HRT this kind of time behind the wheel is invaluable. (For reasons why, see ban, testing and ecclestone, bernie in your Dictionary of What’s Wrong with F1, or DWWF1.)

The team rightly is pleased with the day and with both cars completing 110 laps.

First, team boss Colin Kolles:

“Both sessions were productive and ran as smooth as possible for both Karun and Bruno who could cover all the planned testing program while driving most laps ever in their practice history. Technically everything worked well and this is very positive for the team to be running through a normal driving program with a crew that worked very hard to make all of this happen. Now, we need to go beyond and improve drivability of the car.”

Then Karun Chandhok:

“The practice sessions were useful for us as we did some long runs. It is positive that we did that many laps today, which was our objective for this weekend.”

And finally, Bruno Senna:

“We were ready straight away when the first session started and that was a good feeling. We managed all programs, we had no mechanical problem. It is good to have the first 100 percent reliable day and I’m happy about that. I’m looking forward to Practice 3 tomorrow ahead of a good qualifying. “

Unfortunately, a “good qualifying” likely still means being five to seven seconds off the pace and at the back of the grid. But if Sepang does turn out to be a wet race, maybe the guys can avoid any first turn craziness and climb up through the remaining field.

And, speaking of craziness, in the “Lotus Racing Notes,” which the team releases before each race, comes this bit of shocking news: George Michael is Jarno Trulli’s favorite musician.

Really. It’s there, in print.

What’s on Jarno’s car stereo? George Michael, apparently. He turns it off during qualifying though. With all these 20-somethings he races against, perhaps Jarno would do well to wear a t-shirt saying ‘If you can remember the 90s you weren’t there, man’. Here’s his top five tracks from the Wham man.

Check out their piece to find out which songs they are. And I do that for a reason, not just to be mean and make you download a PDF. At the bottom of the third page there is an announcement that Lotus is coming out with its own energy drink, LR8. It includes a link… but I didn’t see anything more about the announcement from there. And I know we have to get that information to Negative Camber ASAP! So, feel free to help me out, folks.

Together, we can free NC from the grip of Red Bull.

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