Honda Becoming Super Aguri Nemesis

Super Aguri

Super Aguri’s motorhome and trucks have been prevented from entering the Istanbul Circuit for this coming weeks grand prix of Turkey. It is believed that Honda’s Nick Fry has told Bernie Ecclestone that Super Aguri would not be competing in this weeks grand prix.I must say that Nick Fry is starting to really make me mad. I get it. Honda doesn’t want to spend another dime on the program but perhaps you should have thought about that before starting this years series. The word prudence comes to mind. Not pragmatic. The damage being done to Honda’s reputation at this point is, in my opinion, more appalling than if they would have canned Sato and never made a team for him. But they did.

Nick Fry, in Reuters, said of the Weigl Group offer:

“It would appear unlikely that a company the size of Weigl is able to support a competitive Formula One team, unless of course there are other partners of which we have not been made aware.”

How does Nick know this? The first meeting time Honda have allowed for Super Aguri team boss Aguri Suzuki to present the offer isn’t until this coming Tuesday? Yes, Nick I am sure they don’t have Honda’s money but right now Honda’s money is zero so I think the Weigl group is looking a heck of a lot better than you are to Super Aguri. Honda made this team and to throw it overboard when it appears their decision was imprudent is just silly. they should see it out and help in the process of selling the team instead of chest-pounding about how you won’t spend money, the offers aren’t good enough (sight unseen) and lock the gates; they won’t be racing. Tragic. I won’t be a big Honda fan anytime soon and while I am currently looking for a new car; it won’t be a Honda.

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