Honda congratulates Brawn GP

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Having worked a dismal year with Ross Brawn only to find no success, Honda F1 left the series amid financial crisis explanations and innuendos. Unfortunately for Honda F1, the time spent last year developing their would-be 2009 challenger has reaped great success so far for the newly branded Brawn GP.

Many have wondered just how Honda F1 feels now that the elusive success they sought for several year in F1 has now landed but with a different name and engine supplier. The wait is over; Honda speaks:

“We are incredibly delighted that our teammates, with whom we worked until last season, have started from extremely difficult circumstances to earn this victory,” Honda Motor Co. said in a statement. “Congratulations to the Brawn GP formula one team.”

Well that’s…nice of them? At least it wasn’t a sour grapes statement about how they knew they were going to be dominant with their Honda lump but the wiser choice is the path they took and how Brawn would eventually struggle amidst rising costs etc.


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