Honda F1 rumors still rampant

Ross Brawn
Rumors have surfaced that the Honda F1, Brackley-based F1 team, are actually set to start the 2009 with approximately 30 days until the first flag falls. This week has seen rumors of Virgin Brands buying BBF1 to Honda’s management saying it’s all but over to Ross Brawn saying today that all he needs is the green light to go; they’re ready. The most recent rumor out of the Brawn quote by GMM is that Nick Fry is no longer a part of the package. I’m not surprised. I have been suspect of his involvement from day on e a s biased insider who could cloud the entire project. IS Dave Richards in the mix again? Hunches are telling many that a BBF! announcement is coming within days and that they will be on the grid in Oz.

Brawn explained: “We only need the green light and then we can go.” By the Swiss newspaper Blick, he is also quoted as explaining that when he is given the green light, the team will arrange to travel to the final test sessions of the pre-season.

Rumours, meanwhile, persist that Nick Fry may no longer be part of the plans for the management buyout. Auto Motor und Sport speculates that his departure could be a signal that Fry’s former Prodrive boss David Richards might join the management of the team’s new guise.

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