Honda open to dating others; McLaren prefers monogamy?

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There seems to be a bit of a dual message or at least an attempt to let the world know that Honda would like to supply other teams but McLaren used a veto…what is it with teams and their veto’s lately?

Honda motorsport boss, Yasuhisa Arai, says they have every intention to supply more than one team and that this was always part of their plan when re-entering Formula 1. It just seems that Red Bull Racing isn’t the right “other” team and McLaren vetoed the thought.

“We know what has been written in the media, but our point of view as Honda is we have always said since the beginning of the season that we are open to supply multiple teams and we come into F1 thinking about that,” said Arai.

“We can’t comment on the veto, but Honda is always open and thinking ahead.”

So he can’t speak as to the details of the McLaren veto but you should know, Honda is definitely here to supply other teams. I can’t supply Red Bull, due to McLaren veto, but it’s here to supply other teams. Got that? It’s like saying you’re here to supply products if McLaren says we can.

This makes you wonder, well just how many vetoes does McLaren have and at what point can Honda supply another team? Who’s calling the shots at the international mega-corporation that is Honda? Ron Dennis? Eric Boullier? According to Eric, there’s no debate on the issue:

“There is no debate on this,” said McLaren Eric Boullier earlier this month. “Clearly there is an issue at Red Bull, which was created by Red Bull, and not by anybody else.

“We are not a charity foundation, so we are not here to help.”

Really? There’s no debate? Meaning we can’t even ask why? We all have to shut up and just accept that a dialog is not even afforded anyone in this issue? Even if we had a large bank account to pay over-premium for the opportunity? No debate?

If there is such a thing as a battered spouse in business relationships, this may be the first police report of such an incident. It seems McLaren, well…she just kicked her husband in the privates and threw a knife at him. McLaren just went all Holly Holm on Honda. Not a great way to start a life together given that Honda wanted an open marriage but did McLaren know their spouse was a “swinger” in the first place?

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Paul KieferJr

Hello, Eric Boullier? Ron Dennis? We have this thing called “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of the Press”. Don’t mess with it.

Meine Postma

I guess they’s not real patriots.


I know that Honda would like to expand their engine business, this is what most companies would like to do. I do agree with McLaren’s feelings though. Them and Honda gave suffered together this season and believe that they have a good package for 2016 so why should another team sweep in and immediately reap the rewards of their labor. It does feel a bit like the story of the ants who labor to get ready for the winter while the grasshopper mocks them and lounges around. Winter comes and the grasshopper is cold and with out food and shelter.… Read more »

The Captain

I thought this was going to be a lot hotter from the title.


Honda as a swinger….not sure I see this. I see them more as like a creepy, overweight, greasy dude with a comb-over hitting on attractive coeds……sure they’re totally willing to spread the love, but surely no one wants to go home and wake up next to that mess in the morning.

Patrick Chapman

I have just read that Arai is now saying that it is too late in the year to supply Red Bull with PU’s for 2016 even if they got the order now. Honda currently have sufficient production capacity so supply at least 3 teams. That is obvious to anyone who can count to 12 as that is the quantity of PU’s that have already been fitted to Alonso’s car this season. That is enough PU’s for 3 cars already. So 12 for Alonso + 11 for Button = 23 / 4 = 5.75 cars worth of PU’s. Lets call it… Read more »

Andreas Möller

Honda may be willing to supply other teams as well, but will anyone bite? I can imagine the sighs of relief over at Red Bull wen Honda declared it to be too late for a 2016 supply :-)

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