Honda play down deadline

As you may recall, Honda gave until the end of January to seek a buyer for the Brackley-based F1 team. BBF1 apparently has not been rescued yet and with the end of January looming, Honda have played down the importance of the deadline:

“time frames and deadlines” is overstated.

“Don’t focus too much on any speculation regarding time frames and deadlines,” she is quoted as saying by Reuters.

“Work on our race car is progressing well. We’re optimistic but it may not be possible to comment further for some time.”

Norbert Haug has said that Mercedes would supply engines but that time is running very short. Also, Ross Brawn has stated that it would take six weeks for the team to engineer a solution to attach an engine of a different make to their chassis. The F1 season start is approximately 60 days and the question is; who is buying the BBF1 team and how close are they to getting it done?

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