Honda releases “Super Speedway” Aero package

Honda released the aero kit package today that the seventeen Honda Powered entrants will use for the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500.

The concept has been developed by Honda Performance Development (HPD) and will include a number of configurations for teams to use throughout the Indianapolis 500. This could provide some interesting developmental changes between the Honda powered cars this year in addition to a major potential change of focus between the package used in qualifying and the one used on race-day.

Personally I’m rather interested in the effectiveness of the swan-neck supports, which are held onto the rear wing mainplane. The plane itself will only be used in the Indianapolis 500 and not on the remainder of the events which use this aero package. Those events will use a standard Dallara mainplane instead.

The Swan-neck concept was a signature development from HPD in the ARX ALMS programme back in the mid-late 2000’s and was subsequently developed by other Le Mans prototype manufacturers including Peugeot; so using that concept in Indycar is an interesting development for Honda.

HPD/Honda have said repeatedly that the aim was to develop this aero package to win the Indianapolis 500, with the rest of the season almost secondary in priority. Now whilst Chevrolet have dominated manufacturer championships over the past three years, and look almost set to do so for 2015, three out of four of the Indianapolis 500’s ran since the series moved to multiple engine manufacturers have been won by Honda power.

Therefore the question going forward is, has Honda developed a strong enough aero and engine package combination to continue its strength at the Indianapolis 500 or will Chevrolet, as with the road course aero, rule at IMS?

Chevrolet have yet to release images of the package used although with Rookie-orientation due on Sunday as well as opening practice, we have but a short time to wait until the proceedings get underway.

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Honda should have the platform to have a good showing at IMS. I think they will have one or two cars running up front, followed by a string of Chevrolets, then a mixture of the remaining cars.

Save the swan-neck portion, will any other of the super-speedway components be present at Pocono? It’s more like a high speed road course because of the smaller degree, and different configuration of the corners. Why have they decided to use the device only at IMS and not at Fontana as well?

Tom Firth

Sorry, just to clarify the swan-neck portion will remain on all of the venues which have a super-speedway configuration, which are Pocono, Fontana and Texas, what will change is the main-plane in which it is connected to, which is for the Indianapolis 500 only. The alternative Dallara rear mainplane will be used for the rest the super-speedway outings. The rest the super speedway components, as far as I know will be present at every round, the development areas that the regulations allowed for was Sidepods, engine cover, rear wheel guards, front and rear wing main planes and end plates, the… Read more »