Honda scuttled Super Aguri sale

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You may recall last year that Grace and I were on a rant of epic proportions over Honda’s lack of commitment toward the sale of Super Aguri. Nick Fry was pontificating in the press about how lame Super Aguri were and how he couldn’t endirse a sale unless it was galactically massive and would require no help from Honda. He all but slandered Super Aguri and threw them to the wolves instead of helping them through a potential sale. It seems that may have been corroborated today in a statement by PDF carried by GMM.

“Any insolvency practitioner will say that (administration) was the only route for Super Aguri as there were buyers for it,” said PDF partner Philip Long.

“Honda didn’t want Super Aguri exposed to the marketplace,” he added. “Smaller unsecured creditors voted for our proposals and fees.”

Well, it seems perhaps Honda, Nick Fry and the Magic 8-ball had their way and forced Super Aguri into insolvency. Nice Nick. I am elated for Brawn GP but Nick Fry’s squeaking out of foreclosure leaves me cold. I would much rather see his backside exiting F1.


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