Honda sold! To Slim?

Carlos Slim Honda
If you can read Italian, then you will be happy to follow this link or this one if you prefer English and see that Mexican Telecom giant, Carlos Slim Helù, has purchased Honda F1 or more recently, the Brackley-based Team. For a dollar?

It would also stand to reason that Bruno Senna may just replace Ruben Barrichello at the team as Bruno is sponsored by Embratel, a subsidiary of Slim’s Telmex company. Speaking of drivers, it makes you wonder if Mexican youngster Esteban Gutierrez may find a home at a Mexican team? To be honest, I found him impressive in Formula BMW and this may just be the vehicle he needs to get a fast track to F1. And Jenson? He’s always loved those Mexi-melts at Taco Bell!

Hmmm. What happened Dave Richards?

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