Not necessarily as an answer to Max’s new cost cutting solutions, Nick Fry and Ross Brawn have urged the FIA to look into budget caps to prevent what many at F1B have suggested; the moving of money from one division in a team to another based upon Max’s current restrictions.

Mr. Fry suggests that an engine freeze will merely force teams to spend the money in other areas and that a budget cap would eliminate this flow of money. The story can be seen here. Kudos to Autosport for a good story.

Can the FIA limit teams budget’s without making F1 a spec series like NAPCAR?

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Lucas S.
Lucas S.

I am all for F1 being more competitive, but I think this is a dangerous path that could spiral out of control if not done right. If the fia start controlling too many things I think it will be bad. I have also metioned that I WILL NOT watch spec f1.

More than anything though I don’t think this is even worth discussing until someone has a method for keeping track of team spending. I think this is more than max and his mind meld can handle.

Lucas S.


When the teams start calling for budget caps, then maybe the FIA needs to sit up and take notice….. Glad to see Ross, Nick and I think along the same lines…..

John “Cheating, who’s cheating” Stone

Lucas S.
Lucas S.

CHEAT! Who Cheated? Did someone in F1 get caught cheating? You must be mistaking, everyone in F1 is overflowing with Integrity. Right Ron? Ron! You their? Hello? anyone? hum.

Lucas S.