Hoon Driving | Podcast Ep 811

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Mattia Binotto resignation stories, the possible replacements, why that’s a bad idea and wonder why Lewis Hamilton was, once again, hoon driving. We discus Fred Vassuer and the JV coach syndrome, the trouble with Mick Schumacher and it’s impact on rookies and much more.

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Nobody pronounces Maurizio Arrivabene as well as you do … ;-)

Did you know that he is in legal trouble? The article is in German, but when I saw the picture I thought: I know this guy.

He is about to resigned from his current job at the football club of Juventus Turin and might be indicted with some others because of financial irregularities. A whole lot of emotions going on there as well …



Well, there would be a job opening for him at Ferrari, now that they seemed to have “vetteled” Binotto.

And before you laugh at the idea: Ron re-hired Fernando at McLaren. I rest my case! ;-)


There seems to be some inconsistencies in your statements. Ferrari shouldn’t sack Binotto, yet Haas have to fire Steiner.

Mercedes approach, to learn from their mistakes seems to me to be a more productive approach than the revolving door of management that Ferrari have employed. Surely that is the route Haas should be following?

Worthless Opinion

I noticed the contrasting use of the coach metaphor also but figured I wouldn’t be a pain about it for once, thanks for assuming the mantle! :) I think learning from your mistakes is the right path if you have learners in the key positions, is the key. I know everyone loves Steiner because he says the F word so much, but it’s hard to tell whether he’s actually a positive leader from the outside.


But changing the man at the top is what Ferrari keep doing. It’s not working for them, so why would it work for anyone else?

Worthless Opinion

Grace the number of stops thing hasn’t bothered me (probably will now) but the thing I can’t stand to hear one more time is that the field is spread out on the warmup lap and if the leader doesn’t bunch it up he’s going to be sitting on the start line for a long time. It’s obvious, but also it’s not 1971, the car’s not going to just flippin explode into a cam 2 mushroom cloud and send Rothman’s livery flying into the picnicking crowd so why doesn’t Ted Kravitz and David Croft come up with something new like, for… Read more »


The brakes too hot, too cold, the tires’ temperature suboptimal for corner 1? Maybe the guy in front trying to keep everything as much under his control (predictable) as possible. But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Over here (the Netherlands) there seems to be the Sky/World feed on English F1 TV/AppleTV? (bad), our Dutch commentary (far worse) and I have yet to discover the F1 TV app’s crew, which seem to be alright. Can’t really stand the former two out of three anymore (I do like Brundle though). At least we get choices I guess. Flying Rothman’s livery, mushrooms… Read more »