Horner: ‘Bernie is alive and in control’

You could argue that there are several team bosses in Formula 1 that might make a good replacement for F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. They all have a comprehensive knowledge of the sport, know where the pitfalls are, understand the resources needed and are intent on securing the series for the future.

There is one name that seems to crop up most frequently in the rumor mill and that is none other than Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner. Horner is a friend of Ecclestone’s and many believe he has the right temperament and approach to run F1 if and when Ecclestone steps down.

Ultimately time will be the grand equalizer for Ecclestone even thought he did step down from the F1 board in order to fight allegations of bribery in a German court. Ecclestone is still running the day-to-day business but time will bring that to an end eventually.

To those ends, SportBusiness International caught up with Horner and asked the inevitable:

“I would never consider taking on Bernie’s role,” Horner said. “My function and commitment is to Red Bull, and I certainly hope that Bernie will continue for another 20 years. It is in all our interests if he does. Bernie is still very much alive and in control of Formula One.”

There is no shortage of F1 pundits who are supportive of Ecclestone’s position and work and Horner is no different. Ecclestone has made a lot of people very wealthy in Formula 1—including himself. The age-old question of who will replace Ecclestone continues to be thrown about but you can cross Horner off your list…unless he changes his mind of course.

Some believe that CVC Capital, owners of F1, will design a new model and forma  committee in which to run Formula One but as we all know, things can die by committee so let us hope they have a good plan moving forward.

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