Horner did what? | Podcast Ep 875

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The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we talk about the Christian Horner debacle, new Sprint race rules and an idea of our own, Mercedes and the silly season, car launches and more.

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  • The controversy surrounding Christian Horner and Red Bull has generated a lot of speculation, but it’s important to wait for more information before jumping to conclusions.
  • The tweaked sprint race weekend regulations, which allow teams to make adjustments after the sprint race, are a step in the right direction, but some fans still prefer the elimination of the sprint race altogether.
  • The car launches have showcased a lot of raw carbon fiber and matte finishes, but Todd and Grace would like to see more vibrant colors and painted cars on the grid.
  • It’s important for teams to have effective crisis PR management strategies in place to address allegations and control the narrative. The absence of a yellow team in Formula 1 sparks curiosity and nostalgia for Renault’s black and yellow livery.
  • Speculation about Lewis Hamilton’s replacement at Mercedes raises questions about the team’s long-term strategy and the potential for a junior driver to be chosen.
  • The 10-year deal between Silverstone and F1 ensures the British Grand Prix remains a staple on the calendar.
  • The recent departures at the FIA raise concerns about the organization’s stability and future.
  • The MotoGP series ‘There Can Only Be One’ and the MotoPod podcast are recommended for motorsport enthusiasts.
  • Amusing and puzzling headlines in the world of motorsports provide entertainment and confusion.


00:00Introduction and Formula One News
02:07Christian Horner Controversy
13:46Tweaked Sprint Race Weekend Regulations
24:09Car Launches
28:19Favorite Car Designs
31:28The Mystery of the Yellow Team
34:08Speculations on Lewis Hamilton’s Replacement at Mercedes
40:06Silverstone F1 Secures 10-Year Deal
44:09Departures at the FIA Raise Concerns
49:06MotoGP Series Recommendation: There Can Only Be One
51:48Recommendation: MotoPod Podcast
52:16No Shit Headlines
57:22Closing Remarks and Thank You
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F1 Team Principal is tough and demanding “stop the press!” So yeah, there’s probably more to the story.


The outlets that are reporting that don’t seem to be the most reputable ones I’ve ever seen, you know The Mirror.

Xean Drury

Flavio Briatore be like, “Follow me for more tips on returning to F1”