Horner extends Red Bull contract

Recent talk of Red Bull Racing’s team boss, Christian Horner, being ousted are apparently idle talk. According to his comments at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Horner announced his new contract extension with the team:


“I didn’t lose any sleep over it because it is absolutely not true,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“I recently signed an extension to my contract with Red Bull, I have a great relationship with Dietrich and my goal is very much on getting the team back to the situation we were in 18 months ago.

“It is total rubbish. The thing is not to put too much energy into things like that, but in the world we live in sometimes people from rival teams say things and they get picked up and then a story goes on the internet and it goes from there.

“That is the problem with social media – two weeks ago I was taking over from Bernie, this week I was leaving the team, next week I’ll be driving the car probably.”


Seems Horner has as much love for the mobocracy as I do these days. Nothing is ever quite as it seems in Formula 1 and while much speculation about Red Bull’s future in the sport, born on the back of stern criticism from owner Dietrich Mateschitz, it seems they still have confidence in Horner who has delivered four titles.

My brush with Horner was in the Austin paddock and I wished him a happy birthday only to be firmly corrected that it was, in fact, one day away. I was early with my kind wishes. Horner pointed that out clearly.

Others may have found that a bit terse but I considered it quite refreshing to know that details and errors are not something the team boss overlooks regardless what the subject matter is…even his birthday.

Christian has done a terrific job at Red Bull and I have a lot of time for him even though fans are finding his comments of late as whinging and not very flattering from a team on their heels. To each his own but I understand why Christian is frustrated and upset. I’ve followed their position on the regulation changes all along and while they voted for them and they are part of F1’s Strategy group, they, like all others, were engaged in what I consider group think about the future of F1 and the success of these new regulations.

That success hasn’t come to fruition and I can’t blame him for pointing that out. Apparently Mateschitz doesn’t either and clearly doesn’t hold Red Bull’s underachievement in the last two seasons against Horner.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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Paul KieferJr

So, I’m guessing that this also scuttles any speculation that RBR may disappear off the planet.


Not really. Just because Horner extended has contract with Red Bull does not insure that Mateschitz doesn’t sell, or just shutter the team. He is paying the bills and he has already stated that if F1 no longer fit into his marketing strategy for Red Bull, he would pull the plug with no regrets. Red Bull isn’t an automotive manufacturer. They are a drink company that uses F1 as an advertising outlet. They don’t really have an over-riding concern with the long term success of F1 if some other form of advertising gets better results for their drink sales. Red… Read more »


If RBR decide to follow the Mercedes model to sucess, they might still sign Gerhard Berger, and a few other team principle’s and technical directors, and before we know it Christian and Ginger will pursuing their interest in fishing and girl power.


This seems as good as any other spot to bring this point to light. It is a bit off topic but not too much. In a few of the podcasts there is discussion about RBR leaving the game due to the amount of money RB inject into the sport. While they do put a lot into the Austrain GP and they have operated at a loss in the past and they have all the Red Bull Jnr stuff. The Red Bull team itself has been one of the few to operate not at a loss. Maybe not after the reduction… Read more »

Negative Camber

Agreed. The issue, to me anyway, isn’t if they made some money but how much. They have to look at the ROI compared to other marketing spends and investments. This may be a large amount of resources and logistics for modest returns. I’m not sure but surely their 4th or 5th int eh title has been calculated as to the loss of prize money that reflects and have factored that in. That may take them into the red. Just a hunch.

Tom Firth

Good, I don’t much like him as a personality but his father and Christian know how to run successful teams, having produced two very successful teams since 1997, we need people like him in F1 and the sport as a whole, whether like them or not.