Horner: I don’t report to Marko

Reading AUTOSPORT’s story today about Red Bull team adviser Helmut Marko, I am intrigued by the defense that AUTOSPORT says team boss Christian Horner displayed for the Austrian right-hand man. According to the story, Horner defends Marko’s role as team adviser and suggests that he is a valuable asset to the team. I don’t doubt that but the title of the story is about Mark onot being a hindrance to the team according to Horner.

I read the story another way. Most of the Horner quote is about how he answers to Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz and it really seems as if Horner is marginalizing Marko’s role in the team as well as suggesting that he doesn’t report to the Austrian adviser:

“Dietrich is the chairman and a major shareholder, so of course I answer to him,” said Horner.

“But he gives me the autonomy and he has a trust in me that I represent the team as well as I can, and he gives me very much a free hand to run and operate the team; to recruit, to operate the team the best way that I see fit.

“Of course I keep him updated. And of course with any major decisions – be it on the drivers for example – it will ultimately be with him.

“But he has always followed and backed the team – whether that be an investment in capital expenditure, or be it in an engine change.”

How do you see the nuance of the comments? Care to take a stab at reading something into nothing like I have?  Check out the story and let us know what you think. Does it seem like Horner is being polite about Marko but suggesting that he just takes some of the paper work away while Horner really reports to Didi?



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