Horner renews call for engine parity

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A few weeks ago we discussed the push for engine equalization in F1 by Red Bull’s Christian Horner. Mr. Noble has posted an interesting story over at AUTOSPORT today in which we find Horner renewing his call for F1 to revisit the engine equalization.

According to Horner, Red Bull’s Renault engine is approximately three percent down on power which he equates to 30-35 mph. With the engine homologation and freeze in place and Mercedes suggesting they will most likely not supply a 4th team in 2011 (read Red Bull), it does present a challenge for Red Bull as they weigh engine options for 2011.

The Renault engine supply has appeared to be, from a fans outside view, a good relationship but a team most certainly wants their engine on par with everyone else’s. This would include Renault themselves as well as the Cosworth program and the team they supply.

A couple interesting points from Mr. Noble’s article, for me anyway, was the notion that the team had devised a way to address an engine comparison and seek parity between them. They had agreed on a system but there were teams now preventing that from happening. Perhaps Mercedes, now a full-fledged team, isn’t too keen to seek parity? That’s just conspiracy talking but a team with an advantage would not be too keen to see it leave.

Can the teams find a happy medium and with the engine being of different makes, can a system effectively be used to measure the disparity down to the percentile? Red Bull seems to think so and as the engines are frozen, presumably until 2013, perhaps Red Bull is right to seek an immediate solution to the problem. They need to devise an engine supply program that won’t see them mid-field in 2011 and right now, the Renault seems to be the only realistic choice.

Red Bull’s sister team, Toro Rosso, currently enjoys an engine supply from Ferrari but Red Bull has not mentioned that as a possibility from what have read of late. Interesting to see if this will be addressed but I should think Cosworth and Renault would be keen to get a engine equalization program in place soon.


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