Horner signs multi-year Red Bull extension

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Why mess with a good thing? Red Bull has inked a new multi-year contract with team boss Christian Horner. After taking the helm of the team in 2005 when Red Bull acquired the Jaguar team, Horner has delivered three successive titles and as Sky Sports F1 points out, there’s only four team in history to have accomplished such a  feat.

Realistically, who else would you put in that role? I would believe there was little doubt in Horner’s continuance at the team as success has a way of keeping things moving forward. There is, however, the issue of money and as Lewis Hamilton showed us, changes, however unlikely, can happen.

Horner presides over a dream team of himself, designer Adrian Newey and driver Sebastian Vettel. The combination has proven lethal for the competition and reminds me of the Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne and Michael Schumacher era when the, or should I say dynasty, ruled the Formula One grid for years.

It’s good news for Red Bull fans as I believe Christian has really stepped up to the table and delivered what Red Bull wanted from Formula One.


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