Horner tips Hamilton, Mercedes as favorites

Red Bull Racing have had a difficult winter season testing. They arrive in Australia with a car that has had engine issues compounded by technical issues. As the defending champions, Red Bull have a lot to live up to but according to team boss Christian Horner, don’t expect to see that defense start in Oz. Horner told the Telegraph’s Daniel Johnson:

“Adrian [Newey] and his technical have done an excellent job. We had some cooling issues early on, but we’ve worked hard to address those. The main bit we need to get on top of is with our engine partner”.

“They [Renault] will catch up, they quite simply have to. We would hope by the time we arrive back in Europe that we’re seeing significant improvements.”

While the team is on the back foot, Horner reckons Mercedes are the team to beat and suggested to the Daily Mail:

‘Looking at Mercedes’ race simulation, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they finished two laps ahead of everyone in Melbourne. They have a massive advantage. What we know about Lewis is that he is extremely talented and naturally fast. And he’s in a good team, so he’s probably got to be the favourite going into the season.’

No question Lewis can hustle a car and if his head is in the game, he can be a lethal candidate for world champion—that is if his head is in the game.

There is another driver at Mercedes who can win races too. Nico Rosberg would be a person not to underestimate for a title should the Mercedes team be that far ahead of the competition. Nico is clinical, consistent and no stranger to the podium.

Hamilton didn’t mop the floor with Nico in 2013 and don’t expect him to in 2014 either. It’s natural to see Hamilton making the most of a dominant car and winning the title because Lewis is an excellent driver but he is also beatable…mainly if you can unsettle him in his head or his love life interferes.

Wither way, it looks like Mercedes will be the team to beat but I’ll be honest with you, I will be very keen to see Ferrari’s true pace as well as Red Bull’s development once the car gets back to Europe.

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