Horner vows to let Vettel and Webber fight it out

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner again is insisting the team will allow Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber fight it out on the grid for the Formula 1 drivers championship.

If they slam into each other and Fernando Alonso pulls it out, let’s remember this date. Here’s what Horner says, via the BBC (which picks it up here if you want to watch):

“It’s not correct, as we’ve always said, for us to favour one driver over the other.

“The team will support both drivers as equally as we can.

“It will be very, very tough but there is a good chance for both of our drivers.

“It’s fantastic that we have got two drivers still competing in the drivers’ championship and we will give both drivers as good a chance as we can to win it.”

Horner does sounds a bit cautious when talking about the next race at the just-approved track in Korea:

“Looking at the track layout you would have to say, with the longest straight on the calendar, that section is going to be tough for us with the package that we have,” he added.

“But then sectors two and three have quite a lot of corners and fast-flowing corners so hopefully they should suit our chassis strengths more.

“With the strengths and weaknesses that we have, we should be competitive but again, you take nothing for granted. We have to do our homework and we have to keep working hard.

“Obviously we are very focused on that race.”

That sounds like a man who is hoping his drivers get on the podium or darn close. Alonso, and the two McLaren drivers, might want to bring a little extra with them next week. It could be their chance to make a good push.

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