How 5% Equals Victory

Max Mosley won the vote of confidence based upon a one club, one vote scenario.He surely knew he had the vote of the small national clubs as they are more apt to need their FIA affiliation and one can only speculate what may be in store for them for their support.

Oddly, these clubs supporting Max are rumored to only represent 5% of the total governing body membership of the FIA.  The large groups, such as ADAC and AAA, have millions of members but alas it was one club, one vote.  It is also being suggested that these clubs are from developing countries along with Eastern Europe and Africa.

Although there was no time allowed for a formal presentation against Max, it has been said that Anthony Scrivener, hired by the FIA to disprove the Nazi themes in Max’s lurid sex scandal, gave a full presentation on how this episode had no Nazi themes or overtones.  Really?  Hmm.  I guess he needed to watch more of “Ze Footage”.

the nature of Mosley’s defence was criticised by Guido van Woerkom, the president of Dutch touring club NWB.

“Some more sensitivity would have been a better approach than the harsh way he behaved,” he complained. “The main issue for me was not the Nazi element. It was the issue of his credibility to represent us in the world. I don’t think that behaviour makes you a credible man.”

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