How are Hamilton’s taking the Dennis news?

There have been some that have suggested that Ron’s departure from F1 was motivated by Anthony Hamilton’s displeasure with Ron over the Australian lying incident. I am not sure I am willing to believe that hook, line and sinker but there may some truth in that Anthony was not happy with anyone after the event as it soiled his son’s reputation. The short fact is that Anthony can say all he wants or move Lewis to different teams or demand that Ron step down from F1 but his son’s reputation is still soiled and rightfully so; Lewis was involved. You might ask Fernando Alonso about that type of thing as you recall the 2007 year.

But how is Lewis holding up these days? After a week or more of speculation and conjecture that Lewis is on the ragged edge of a relationship with McLaren, it seem Martin Whitmarsh believes things will be fine between he and Lewis at McLaren.

“I told Lewis half an hour ago what was happening. I think he naturally has a certain amount of affection for Ron. We all do. I didn’t detect any different human reactions other than what I would have expected from someone who has known Ron as long as Lewis has known Ron.”

Ron said in his press conference today of Lewis:

“I am very fond of Lewis,”. “Like all families there are times when things are not perfect and we have to support each other.”

Whitmarsh maintains:

“I think he has certainly expressed his support for this team consistently, and he has very kindly expressed his support for me,” he said.

“I think and I hope that I have a good relationship with Lewis and I think he is committed just as we are to restoring the good fortunes and competitiveness of this team in the future.”

So perhaps Anthony is getting his panties un-bunched and Ron’s departure will help smooth the emotional white caps of this peculiar mans emotional tirade. Perhaps Lewis will remain at McLaren now that Ron has fallen on his sword and he has had his personal press conference and Anthony can strut around the McLaren garage like the 800 lbs gorilla to make sure that he and his sons horrible decisions are still being cast upon McLaren personnel. Martin…you’re next mate.

If I were Martin, I would part ways with Lewis and pick up Fernando. Doesn’t matter how talented a bloke is, if you have to deal with a maniacal father and emotional tirade every time your driver does something stupid; I’d go with Alonso. At least you know where you stand with Alonso and he’s a more complete and better driver to boot. When the CEO of the company has to step down in order to keep this loud-mouth stage Dad happy; it’s time to jettison the poison pill.

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