How are you liking the Mercedes show so far?

Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix was an exercise in pure domination. Last year fans moaned the Red Bull/Sebastian Vettel domination and perhaps with good reason but this year has taken word to all-new heights.

Five wins from five races, pole position for every race and their fourth one-two in a row. Mercedes is writing a new chapter in the Formula 1 history book and starting to make fan wonder if they couldn’t be the first team in history to win every single race during a season. That’s a tall order but McLaren nearly did it back in 1988 winning 15 of 16 races.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel had a resurgence in Spain and it is a track that exposed the limitations of many cars including the Ferrari’s, McLaren’s and even Force India’s. Mercedes was nearly a full minute ahead of their closest rival, Daniel Ricciardo, who finished in third place.

Vettel told the BBC:

“It is a massive gap but I am sure we will get there. We all know what Adrian Newey is like, as well as the 600 other people at the team.”

Could Red Bull catch them? Vettel’s new chassis seemed to fit him better on Sunday and he had a terrific drive from 15th to finish 4th. His teammate, Ricciardo, said that third was the best they could hope for.

Given that, is anyone concerned, tired, bored or frustrated with the domination of the sport so far? Many use Red Bull’s 4-year reign as champions as a reason to be thread-bare on F1 but two of those years was won by a mere point. This is a different class of domination.

Is the thought of the final races being between Lewis and Nico enough to keep you interested in F1 for the balance of the 2014 season? If you were bemoaning last year and Sebastian Vettel, is this different than that and if so, why? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section below.

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