How do you boost interest in Valencia? Pick Schumacher for the win

We all know the circuit at Valencia is one of the most boring on the Formula 1 calendar. Maybe — maybe, and I’m emphasizing that heavily — this year’s tires will spice the racing up, but I doubt there are many F1 fans who are extra excited about this race because of its location. (Exemption: Fans in Valencia.)

So what’s a good way to get people a little more a-flutter? Suggest F1 will have its eighth different winner of the year (in, yes, eight races for those counting). And then suggest that driver will be Michael Schumacher.

That’s what Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport chief, has done.

I think you have to look at someone like, maybe Michael getting the pole position,” Hembery told Autosport.

“He probably would have won Monaco if he hadn’t been penalised, so why not there? Michael for Valencia, that’s where the money needs to go.”

And there you have it. Get down to your… oh, wait. I guess gambling is illegal where I’m at.

Hembery has more to say about the circuit, as well:

“We know Valencia is a tough track to create an exciting race,” he said. “It’s hard to overtake and it’s got elements of Monaco from that point of view.

“There will be some high temperatures, of course, and we’re going there with the soft and medium tyre, so we should have less degradation.

“There will not be the challenge that we had in Canada, with the super soft being pushed to its limit, so that is why track position is going to be fundamental. You’ve got to really get a good qualifying in Valencia.”

Anyone want to casually start a “Your View” on this week’s race? Or just argue about whether Michael can get a win?

And there’s this: If Michael doesn’t win this year — heck, doesn’t end up with a respectable amount of points — will that push him to retire? Or will he keep at it?

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