How much is it to sponsor a MotoGP team?

We often think about the amount of money spent on sponsoring a formula 1 team and it was certainly expensive back in the day of title sponsors such as Vodafone, Marlboro, and West. I recall figures being thrown around that were in the $20-50 million dollar range.

While big title sponsors aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, the work of finding smaller sponsors in order to add up to a decent impact for the team is critical. Sponsors such as UPS, Dell, IBM, Kaspersky, Marriott, Jack & Jones etc.

What has also been part of my critique of F1 is that is seems the prize money fund is now the “title sponsor” role and large part of a team’s operating budget these days. Teams like Williams used to hunt for sponsors and had robust marketing programs to lure new sponsors in. You rarely hear about that side of the sport.

Every once in a while my day job and night job collide and I was sent an email by a sports marketing company in Italy regarding the opportunity to sponsor a MotoGP team. Iw as curious as I have not kept up on the sponsorship program in MotoGP but I was sure it was not at the level of F1.

The marketing email had a sponsor calculator that I found very handy in determining just how much Grace, Paul and I would have to save to sponsor Marc Marquez. Now, it may not be 100% accurate but I think the intent of the calculator tool is to get a ballpark figure. I figured why not, let’s give it a whirl and see what we can come up with if I went all in on the sponsorship options.

The options in red are the ones I chose and I thought you might find as interesting as I did. If I am honest, it’s not as expensive as I thought it might have been.

  • Would you like to sponsor a Team in:



  • Would you like to partner for

    The whole season

    Just a race

  • On an average, where should your Team score at the end of the race?



  • How big should your logo be?

    Very big




  • Your logo and brand should be visibile on:



    Box, Trucks and Team Hospitality

    Team apparel

  • Also, would you like to have

    The chance to use the Showbike for your events

    Riders and Team Management at your company events and expos

    The opportunity to use the team’s premises to host your events

  • Would you like to give your company’s name to the team? (title sponsorship)



  • In total, how many guests would you like to have at the races during the Year?


Hat tip: RTR

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Let’s see…..who do I know that has $13.5 Million lying around?