How slow is F1 news? Exhibit A: Whitmarsh doesn’t want to continue as FOTA head

McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh doesn’t plan to seek reelection as the head of the Formula One Teams’s Association, according to a piece at Autosport.

There’s nothing imminent; there’s nothing really breaking here. But the news …. is ….. just ……. that ………. slow.

Whitmarsh says he’d support either Lotus’ Eric Bouiller or Mercedes’ Ross Brawn to replace him.

Does this mean anything? It doesn’t seem like it — Whitmarsh has been in the post for three years, and originally it was supposed to be an annual, revolving gig. But I suppose we could shot about how it suggest McLaren is souring on FOTA’s efforts; or maybe it means McLaren has a deal with the devil and Bernie Ecclestone.

Nah. I don’t buy that either. But it’s summer time, and there’s no news.

I suppose we could mull whether Bouiller or Brawn would be better leaders of FOTA. Or we could mull whether FOTA even matters any more.

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