How to insult the Royal family of Monaco

First things first, if I had a dime for every time I stuck my foot in my mouth, I’d be buying the entire sport of Formula One. Having said that, Sky F1 presenter Simon Lazenby seems to have really stepped in it this weekend by insulting many F1 fans and most likely, the royal family of Monaco.

While adding his particular kind of commentary, Lazenby said of the hilss of Monaco:

‘Some twisty and dangerous roads above us here in Monaco, Princess Grace knows all about them.’

That didn’t go over well with Formula 1 fans as the Daily Mail points out with Tweets from outraged fans immediately complaining of the lack of respect and the audacious nature of his comments. you can read the fan reaction here.

Perhaps our British reader/listeners can fill us in on the events but I understand that Lazenby apologized on air and sometimes these things just sort of slip off a person’s tongue. I recall seeing Robin Gibb, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer jokes mere minutes after the personalities had unfortunately passed away and the nature of the civilized world’s humor has often times sought the resounding, knee-slapping guffaw of bathroom humor…at least that’s been the recipe and least common denominator in Hollywood for a decade or more.

Sure, it’s a sub reference that shouldn’t have been used and Simon should apologize as His Royal highness’s mother should be left out of the commentary box when referring to the dangerous nature of road in Monaco but in the end, I assume Albert will be able to look beyond the poor attempt at humor…he has better things to do like running a paradise while Simon retreats to the UK to slog it out on the Tele.


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