How to solve Austin traffic issues? Look to the UK


A little break in the “waiting to see why the WMSC ruled as it did on Ferrari” for you.

A report from an Austin-area radio station says that the track developers will be looking to the people who improved — if they did! — the traffic plan for the grand prix at Silvertone.

Here’s some details (there’s a 37-second radio piece at the link):

Attorney Richard Suttle is representing the group and tells commissioner Sarah Eckhardt they are looking at ways to improve the farm-to-market and county roads bordering the property, which is South East of the airport. Suttle says they are working with local and state engineers – and with British planners who worked out the traffic plan for an F-1 race in England. The plan is to break ground on the grand prix track in December, with the first race to be held in 20-12 [sic].

This obviously is a key piece to the plan. It has to be good news that they have this part of the development in the planning stages, I’d think.

My real question though, as implied above, is how much improved traffic is at Silverstone. Anyone out there able to comment from personal experience?

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