HRT finances more solid, Kolles says

Colin Kolles sounds upbeat in a Q & A at the official Formula 1 site, noting the HRT cars have — you know! — actual sponsor logos on them now!

He also has words of praise for Sakon Yamamoto:

Q: The Belgium race was the 13th of the season. What can you say about the performance of your drivers?
CK: I think that both drivers are doing a good job. We had the best qualifying result in Spa so far and Sakon’s lap times were at the same level as Kovalainen’s and Glock’s in the race. I think there is no reason to make any changes so far.

Q: Now, there are more sponsors logos on the car. What do you think about this?
CK: Obviously this is a positive sign but we have to work hard to get as much sponsorship as possible for 2011.

Q: Are you proud of the members of your team and the job they are doing to get the car on the grid at every race?
CK: I am very proud because we cannot say that we had an optimal pre-season preparation. I think they are doing a fantastic job.

Q: How is the financial situation of the team?
CK: With more sponsors on board the situation is improving. As I mentioned before, in F1 you need a lot of support and this is what we are trying to achieve.

It sounds, not surprisingly, like HRT still has a ways to go before anyone could put the words “financially secure” next to the team. But, given that I’d bet many of us thought HRT wouldn’t even be running at this point in the season, kudos to the team for scratching and battling to find those precious dollars and cents.

Still, I’m a bit worried the few extra bottles of energy drink the team now can afford have gone to Colin’s head:

Q: What are your expectations for the upcoming race in Monza?
CK: Monza is a special race with the highest top speeds. So far we were quite competitive on circuits were high downforce levels are not required.

Q: Where do you think HRT will end up at the last races of the season?
CK: We will push to end up in 10th position in the constructors’ championship.

Would you call HRT “quite competitive”? Or is he making the comparison to the G

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